How to Overcome Your Team’s Resistance to Change

No one likes change. It can be messy, difficult, and stressful. Whether it’s in our personal or professional life, we may find ourselves or our teams avoiding it. But if we want our company and departments to grow and achieve their targets, we need to find a way to overcome this resistance. In order for […]

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How Gratitude Can Improve Your Business

Gratitude Business success

Why is it that over the past decade we have heard so much about the power of gratitude? Oprah has talked about it. Deepak has extolled its virtue. We’ve heard about it in church, at schools, and in the media. Where we don’t hear about it enough is in big business (or many businesses). And yet, […]

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Communication and Follow Up in the Business World

Out of all the skill sets that are necessary for success, communication may be the most vital. Think about it. Communication is the only way for us to share ideas, feelings, concepts or plans. It’s the only way we can tell others about ourselves. If you own a business, it’s the only way to gain […]

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