How to Ask for What You Really Want

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get everything that they ask for?  If they want to get a fabulous new job, they suddenly get it. Or they wish for a trip to an exotic location, their wish is granted. So how can you make this same ‘magic’ happen for you.

The only true way you will truly get what you want is by learning how to ask for it and then taking action. Nothing just magically happens, but you can begin to get what you want when you put the wheels into motion.

Let’s consider this example.

Maybe you are waiting for that coveted promotion and can’t figure out why you are always being overlooked.

There may be several reasons for this, but let’s first consider:

  1. Does anyone even know that you are looking for a promotion?
  2. Have you demonstrated that you are capable of doing that particular job?

For many, they just sit at their desk each day, doing a wonderful job, waiting to be noticed! Unfortunately this type of behavior is not going to get you very far. While you may be fantastic at what you do, you need to take action so that others know what you want for your career.  If you don’t ask for the promotion, you’ll never get it.

So how do you go about doing this?

First, make it known to the right people, that you would love to be considered for a new opening. If the position is posted on your company’s job board, apply for it.

In the meantime, start demonstrating that you have the experience and knowledge to perform this particular job. Find some way that you can show that you have the skills to accomplish the job. You can’t nor shouldn’t start doing a job you weren’t hired to do, but if there are specific qualifications required, start taking on those tasks. Maybe you can volunteer to be part of a project which highlights the necessary skills or maybe you can ask to assist your boss with tasks that relate to that new role. Either way, putting in a little extra effort now can pay off in getting the promotion and likely a raise.

Let’s face it, the worst thing you can do is to wait and  ‘hope’  someone will give you this promotion. Most likely, your boss is seeing how competent you are at your current job and is assuming you are perfectly happy.

I know it may feel awkward asking for a promotion or applying for a new role. If you are struggling with this, you can bring it up at your next performance appraisal (aka annual review). Most companies have an area where the employee can discuss their professional goals and development plans. Take this time to talk to your manager about where you see yourself and get their input and, hopefully, support in planning out how to get there.

Learning how to ask and then taking action to get what you want is the only way to get everything you desire. Otherwise, it’s just wishful thinking, right?

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