Renewal vs Avoidance

Life is hectic. We’re tired. The commute wears us out before we even get to our office in the morning. The demands on our time are humongous. Is that why we are glued to our devices? Or is it just an addiction?

Taking time to refresh and renew is not just an option. It’s a requirement if we are to give our best every day to our work, to our families, to our businesses, and to our communities. But when does renewal turn into avoidance?

When you avoid a difficult task or situation and it ends up costing your company or yourself something either in money, additional resources, or reputation, then you are spending your time poorly. But if you continue to push through just trying to complete one more thing and when you review the finished product you see that it needs to be reworked, you would have been better off taking some time to renew.

You also shouldn’t wait until you are completely burned out to find time to renew. This should be a habit you develop daily. Taking time to exercise, reflect on your goals and plans, and filling up your spirit will pay off in more ways that you can imagine. We are often more productive when we have given a problem or a goal some time to expand in our subconscious.

Make a plan for your own renewal. It may require you wake up an hour earlier so you can fit in a quick workout and meditation. Or it may require you say no to some evening activities so you can get that time in after work. Don’t neglect yourself thinking that your personal sacrifice will pay off in a bigger job or more clients. It may end up doing so, but you may also find that your health and personal relationships suffer.

Life is not meant to be an accumulation of “stuff” but an accumulation of “moments.” Make sure those moments are more rich and full than any dollar amount you have in the bank. You’ll be so very glad you did.

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