Aging or Getting Old?

Hitting my late forties had me once again thinking about aging. The body really does start to change and the weight we used to be able to drop in a week now hangs on for six months or more. It’s frustrating and humiliating and makes you once again feel insecure or inadequate. So we continue to fight against our bodies. We push hard and find ourselves injured and that too takes so long to heal and bounce back.

Little do we realize that when we fight against ourselves, we are injuring our spirit. We become the bully as we ask why can’t we get better? What’s wrong with me? Even, “why is this happening to me?”  These words to accept that things happen all the time to everyone.

As we stay open to the messages and the lessons this injury, this weight, this personal experience is trying to provide us, we find our spirit growing stronger, more open, and more empathetic. We can connect better not only with others, but with ourselves.

Stop thinking that aging and getting old are mutually exclusive. We are aging and getting old is inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be an early death sentence or a form of torture. It’s just what it is. When we accept what’s happening and seek for ways to support our healing in a more patient and loving manner, we’ll grow far beyond the ills of the body and into the joys of this our one human life.

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