Spirit Infused started out as a dream to create a women’s learning and renewal center in Southern California. It would be a place where ideas and lessons could be shared. Where women, first entering the workforce or deep into it’s clutches, could come to support, nourish, and encourage each other as we help to change the world.

I have spent my professional life helping others learn the leadership, sales, service, and technical skills needed to excel at work. Over time, I became a Director/VP of Training and development, managing a team of learning and development professionals (aka corporate trainers). I love all aspects of this field including facilitating and leading others. It has been such a blessing!

I hope that by creating this website and the courses through my school, I’ll be able to continue my passion of helping others reach their highest potential for the good of themselves, their families and the world.

My company credo is based on the core word: #BELIEVE

Believe in YOURSELF.

Get clear on who you are- your values, your life vision, and who you intend to be in the world. Don’t expect others to do the work for you. Don’t look for others’ approval. Approve of yourself.

Love yourself first. There is only one you and will only ever be one you. Dr.  Binazir has shown that the probability of you coming into the world is 1 out 10 to the 2,685,000 degree (or basically zero). You’re a miracle. We all are.  So love that amazing, unique, special person that you are as much and as hard as you can then you can….

Believe in OTHERS.

Help those who follow you (employees, peers, co-workers) and those with whom you share your life (spouse, kids, friends, family) get clear on who they are and their unique gifts. Then encourage, empower, and inspire them to live that authentically in the world. For your employees, this means helping them to grow and expand, sometimes even if it means leaving your team. By doing so, you’ll find that they are more loyal and more supportive even after they move on. This works for our kids and our friends too, by the way.

Believe in DREAMS.

You have a unique and important purpose. As I shared before, we are all miracles. Deep inside of us, there is something burning that requires us to have courage, determination, and faith to bring into the world. Believe in your dream no matter how small or how big. Also believe in others’ dreams too. Don’t be threatened by those who are working on their own dreams and life purpose. We don’t have time for all that. Have faith that your dreams can come true (no matter how corny I may sound even writing it or how silly you feel believing me).

WE NEED YOU! All your joy, all your effort, all your passion, ALL OF YOU  is vitally necessary for a better, more enlightened more enriched society.

I am here to help however I can. Please reach out to me through email or social media.  I will do my best to respond to your suggestions, ideas, recommendations or comments.

Thank you for being here! I am so grateful!