Communication and Follow Up in the Business World

Effective Communication and Follow-Up in the Business World

Out of all the skill sets that are necessary for success, communication may be the most vital. Think about it. Communication is the only way for us to share ideas, feelings, concepts or plans.

It’s the only way we can tell others about ourselves.

If you own a business, it’s the only way to gain the interest of new customers and keep the attention of current ones. Since customers mean sales and sales equal profit, communication may actually be considered a form of currency. In other words, the way you communicate may be directly connected with how much money you earn. What a powerful thought!

If communication is linked to financial success, then it logically only good communication skills have value. So if one of your goals is

financial success, taking the time to hone your communication skills and developing an effective style of talking to your customer base is critical. One of the best ways to start this process is by mastering a follow-up skill set.

Following up is nothing more than showing your customers that matter to you. How do you do this? Simply by handling any communications received in a timely fashion. If a client leaves you a phone message, get back to them as soon as possible. If you get an e-mail inquiry or complaint, respond quickly. If you receive a text asking a question, answer as promptly as possible.

When you swiftly respond to people, it makes them feel like they’re important. This inevitably boosts the opinion they have of you and your business. This is not just a “feel good” side benefit of being polite.

The opinion people have of you and your business is an important component, perhaps the most critical component, of your reputation. When you have a solid reputation, more opportunities will come knocking on your door. You’ll catch the attention of more customers. You’ll earn repeat business from your current clients. A greater number of joint ventures and partnership offers will undoubtedly arise. In essence, the strength of your reputation will ensure you get closer to reaching your financial goals.

What helped build that good reputation? It was your excellent communication skills built around a process of prompt follow up to all incoming communications. Success is achievable when you communicate efficiently and effectively. So, start communicating and following up and watch those positive benefits start coming your way.

Don’t limit this process to just you. Make sure you have a policy in place with your team regarding turn-around time. Share with them some best practices. In this way,  you are building a consistent brand for your company (or your team).

Success is attainable when you communicate efficiently and effectively. So work on improving your communication and follow-up skills and watch how quickly your reputation and financial success rises!

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