Find Your Purpose – Discover Your Calling

Experts say…

You need to find your purpose

You need to follow your passion

You need to determine your “why”

But sometimes it isn’t all that easy. It’s not easy to figure out exactly what your “why” is. Sometimes we feel stuck and we’re not even sure what our purpose and passion are, so how are we supposed to follow them?

Sometimes we know exactly what we’d like to be doing, but circumstances don’t allow it. There are bills to be paid, a family to provide for, and the company-funded health insurance sure comes in handy with a couple of kids in the house.

So what do we do in either of these situations?  The first thing we do is accept that it will take time.

As important as finding your purpose is, it isn’t something that should be rushed. Take time to examine who you are, what you’re good at and the people you could help or serve.

Who could benefit from your unique set of experiences and qualifications? What do you feel called to do?

Once you’ve discovered your calling or your purpose, then you can start planning the rest of your life around it. This doesn’t mean you hand in your two week’s notice. No at all.

Your next step is to figure out as much as you can about turning your passion into something that will also pay the bills. This may mean looking for a different job or heading back to school.  Or maybe it means creating your own business.

Many work on their passion part time, saving up money as a cushion before making a full-time switch. The important thing is taking small steps now towards your passion or calling.

Doing this can seem daunting at first. There will be a lot of changes you’ll need to undertake. Don’t let that scare you. Read my articles on fear setting or overcoming fear of failure to help you take these first courageous steps.

Just take it one step at a time and you’ll get there before you know it. Remember that finding our true purpose can bring us the lasting happiness we desire.

It all starts with taking the time to figure out our purpose and calling. We’re waiting for your special gifts and talents. Don’t rush. Just don’t let fear or discouragement stop you either.

I #BELIEVE in you!

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