Stop Settling for Sanity

How often have you chosen what’s safe or sane over what’s risky and possibly insane? Do you regularly seek what’s common or easy? Or do you actually look to challenge yourself?

If we truly only get one life, then are we living it to it’s highest potential? This means reaching further, trying harder, doing more, risking ourselves so that we can test our outer limits.

I am not saying to jump off a cliff or run in front of a moving train. I am not saying run 100 miles without training. I am saying have you tried something that makes you uncomfortable lately? Something new that you didn’t think you’d like or even consider before?

Often I find myself trying something new because someone I love suggests it. My husband is a big driver in helping me reach beyond my current perception of myself. By encouraging me to try Spartan Racing, I found an inner athlete I never knew before. Now, that’s not to say I’m the best racer or even in the top tier, but I see myself differently because of his encouragement. This is just one thing he has done to help me see myself differently than before… bigger than I was before.

By embracing possibilities and challenges, you will find that you are more than you believed and you will be an inspiration to others. Consider this challenge… find one thing that intrigues you but you weren’t sure you could do it. Train for it and see who you become. Maybe you wanted to try rock climbing. Go find an indoor climbing gym and take a class or maybe check out your nearest college. Maybe you want to climb Machu Pichu or learn to sail. Or maybe you just want to make new friends or deepen your current friendships. Whatever you have been putting off, stop. Commit to one new goal. Decide and then see.

I look forward to finding out just how you see yourself after. Hopefully, like me, you’ll find you are bigger than before… better. And hopefully you’ll try one more new goal, and then another until time runs out. Don’t stop creating new goals. Not ever. When we stop trying to be more than what we are, we begin to really die…

Live. That’s what this life is for. To truly live!

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