What now?

I live in California. With the recent fires in Northern California, it brings up for me the question, “What Now?” I guess that question means what is happening? Why do these strange and crazy natural events occur? I don’t want to believe that it’s because the world is ending. Those kinds of thoughts and worries don’t help.

And through the worry and concern for my family and friends who live in Northern California and are affected by it, I am inspired. Yes, people react in so many different ways to the imminent danger that they face. Some laugh it off. Others become even more cautious (some say paranoid) that the worse will occur. But others look for ways to help.

As human beings part of a larger community, the latter is the best and most appropriate response. We can wonder why this is all happening or we can accept that it is happening and find a way to power through, to help one another and, ultimately, to help ourselves.

I truly believe that leadership isn’t what you do when things are going well. It’s how you handle those strange and uncontrollable events that seem to rock our world. The fires are not like the hurricanes we’ve been seeing rock the east coast. But they are a different kind of natural disaster that is just as devastating.

I am inspired by the posts I see on Facebook and other social media of people looking to help and even those asking for help. Why not? We need to be able to both give and receive.

So what does this have to do with business or leadership? Well, quite frankly, everything. Who are you being as you are living your life or running your business? Are you able to give or receive help when warranted? Don’t let pride keep you from asking for help. Don’t let fear or judgment keep you from giving help when you see others who need you.

What a richer, more beautiful, more meaningful life and business we can cultivate when we act with generosity and hope.

To your never ending success!

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