Who are you really?

Like any other holiday, most of us are thinking of having an extra day off or shopping or getting together with friends. I won’t lie. I too am looking forward to some sales and going out on a date with my spouse. But this year, with all that is happening in our society and in the world, I am thinking about the legacy I wish to leave.

Our military protects our freedom. The right we have to live in a free society where we have the opportunity to think about how we wish to leave the world a better place. Those who have served and have given so much for us to have this freedom expect for all of us to live up to the values that country was founded on. We owe it to these brave men and women to really ask ourselves, what is the legacy, our own unique gifts, that we are going to share with the world?

Is it volunteering to teach a musical instrument? Is it writing that novel that will provide hours of pleasure and stress release to hard-working Americans? Is it learning to really listen and connect with our family and friends? Is it finally starting a company or working to take our company to the next level?

How are we going to live up to the gift of freedom we have been given and continue to enjoy? LIfe is so very precious. Our lives even more so just because it is the only one we have. Who are you going to be? What is your unique and precious gift? How will you honor our military (and yourself) by sharing it with the world?

Hard questions and even harder to live up to… but really, is there another choice? Living small isn’t an option….

To your continued success!

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